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Namkeen Contractor is one of the leading Namkeen Labour Contractor of India.


Namkeen contractor is a well finest service company which provides a highly experienced manpower for Namkeen and snacks, Karigars & helpers, Automatic Continues Fryer Operator, Packing machine Operators, fully Namkeen/Snacks Plant setting Consultancy, Namkeen Labour Contract, Quality Control management, Production Monitoring Service, Packing Department control and management, in Fryums, Kurkure, Namkeen, Potato Chips and other snacks industries.

About Us

We Believe in best Quality
A company which is specialised in providing people to make understand that how to prepare the best-to-best namkeen and snacks they can get in the market. We also provide like which machine and all the proper investment plan to the people who just want to go for the future aspect. Our main motive is that the customer relationship must be maintained, and we serve our experience to you as your well-wisher to start your dream projects and quality products. We also provide the recipes to the people who are willing to learn and who are willing to set their own namkeen and snacks plant so that they can enlarge their own business or if someone wants to start a new business or wants to negotiate some ongoing business, they can also take the help from us about which is suitable new machinery for processing for your plant and in your budget, which is suitable packaging processing system according your new project file.

Our Services

Namkeen contractor is a well finest service company which provides a highly experienced manpower for Namkeen and snacks, Karigars & helpers.

Idea-Project finalization Report
Understanding Idea & Concept of person. As per their demand & Market Requirments.
Area Layout for Production and Storage.
After the project idea finalization. We will planning area layout for production to packaging and storage.
Products Selecting Process
We will help you out to select the running products in their market & local areas.
Processing machinery selection
We will suggest you the right machine in your budget to get production efficiently on regular basis.
Machinery installation
To setup machinery line in order to maintain the work & supply line flow regularly.
Determination of initial production

As the machinery installation our experts will start pilot project for making the recipe.

Demonstrate 3-4 various manner of each product.

After the initial production starts, we will demonstrate 3-4 various recipes & taste of each products.

Product finalization work

We will help you out to select best recipe from which we demonstrated.

Determination of Production Team & Quality Experts.
After product finalization we select the best team of skilled persons to assign further processes.
Start final Production
After complete all the process, Our trained and experienced karigars and helpers will start the final production.
Get Work Done
We will take feedback from you after the final production of recipe & team work.
Reporting- Weekly Cleaning / Maintenance Programme
We will continuously reporting on weekly basis about cleaning & maintenances program.

Our Achievements

Ashok Chheda

Managing Director,
Chheda Specialties Foods Pvt. Ltd.

Vicky Tanwani

Managing Director,
Disha Food Product Kanpur

Shubham Kumar

Managing Director,
Ramji Foods Basti

Shri Parmanand Industries


Vishwapratap Singh

Managing Director, Krishna Ji Foods Lalitpur

Jasmeet Arora

Managing Director, NG Food India Lucknow

RK Foods




Piknik Namkeen

Managing Director,

We are leading production with skilled Karigar & Helpers

As we provide our work in different stages of all process in which we have things like helping with the full procedure from.
Namkeen Production
Potato Chips Production
Fried Snacks Production
Roasted Snacks Production
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For your namkeen & snacks products