Our Services

Stage of Process:

As we provide our work in different stages of all process in which we have things like helping with the full procedure from. (Idea-Project finalisation- Products Selecting Process- Processing machinery selection- Machinery installation- Determination of initial production- demonstrate 3-4 various manner of each product- Product finalisation work- Determination of Team- Start final Production-Reporting- weekly Cleaning/ maintenance Programme).

How to prepare a quality product as per market demand and pack the snacks and namkeen. We also provide you quality testing managers and some other team staff to help you out. If there are extra orders and in different variants and also there is a quality consistency which we have maintained till now so if you are new to business and want to grow so that you also augment your own staff, your own team for the future aspect you’re most welcome to the namkeen contractor.

Working Module :

There are different Services so we would like to classify them into our three-working module –

First of all, first module is like we provide a training programme to all your Production team so that we can help the people to improve the taste in the namkeen & snacks,
What is the need of customers and also we can develop a new taste which is highly efficient. We also provide a quality manager in order to provide the supervision for your ongoing processes.

In the way of module,

Second, for a new business we can arrange a couple of weeks programme to new products development and recipe or trained your team in a manner, so that you start your namkeen & snacks business in healthy way. This learning must implement in every start-ups and it helping you out to enlarge your own business.

Third module what comes as the production module we provide the labour contract on the contract basis so that they can go ahead for the daily production and there is a per kilogram rate for it that you how to pay us for the costing production so we can also help you out in that manner and also if some of your area man power supply have a gone for holidays and you are lacking some of the labour so we provide a substitute for that purpose to carry on the work which helps in maintaining the consistency as well.

We are very happy to know that your company deals in many products and services and you will get a lot of pleasure as a consultant by getting you snacks and namkeen work done in this sequence, and you will also feel a work friendly with Namkeen Contractor.
Knowing many things before a new start of any work makes our way to reach success, that’s why our company works with all our customers from the beginning of the work to the smooth running of the work in which includes the following tasks.

Our Services

As we provide our work in different stages of all process in which we have things like helping with the full procedure from.

Idea-Project finalization Report
Understanding Idea & Concept of person. As per their demand & Market Requirments.
Area Layout for Production and Storage.
After the project idea finalization. We will planning area layout for production to packaging and storage.
Products Selecting Process
We will help you out to select the running products in their market & local areas.
Processing machinery selection
We will suggest you the right machine in your budget to get production efficiently on regular basis.
Machinery installation
To setup machinery line in order to maintain the work & supply line flow regularly.
Determination of initial production
As the machinery installation our experts will start pilot project for making the recipe.
Demonstrate 3-4 various manner of each product.

After the initial production starts, we will demonstrate 3-4 various recipes & taste of each products.

Product finalization work

We will help you out to select best recipe from which we demonstrated.

Determination of Production Team & Quality Experts.
After product finalization we select the best team of skilled persons to assign further processes.
Start final Production
After complete all the process, Our trained and experienced karigars and helpers will start the final production.
Get Work Done
We will take feedback from you after the final production of recipe & team work.
Reporting- Weekly Cleaning / Maintenance Programme
We will continuously reporting on weekly basis about cleaning & maintenances program.